My Experience Undergoing a Facelift

By Elamangai Pasupathi, BMedSc., medical writer

Bronwyn is a 54-year-old expatriate from New Zealand who’s been living in Malaysia for the past 8 months. She’s currently a principal at a local international school with over 30 years of experience in teaching. She first came to see Dr. Soma over 4 months ago to go with plans of getting a facelift done with him.

“When I looked in the mirror, I just felt really old even though I didn’t feel that way on the inside. I just wanted to freshen up and look a bit younger.” She explained.

“It was my husband who found Dr. Soma online. We were talking about the possibility of me getting a facelift and so, he went online and did some research, reading patient reviews and all of that. That’s how he stumbled upon Dr. Soma.” Bronwyn clarified when asked about their process of finding a cosmetic surgeon.

“I looked,  and the reviews were pretty good and so I thought, let’s make an appointment and meet him. And that’s how it happened.”

When asked about her thoughts before the consultation. To that, Bronwyn says,” I think I have seen videos on cosmetic surgeries. I’ve seen the end result and so I was really excited to be looking into it. I was just excited and waiting to find out what Dr. Soma could do.”

“During the consultation with Dr. Soma, I just felt really comfortable,” Bronwyn shares. “The nurses and staff were lovely. He was very upfront. He didn’t make any false promises and that put me at ease as well. He didn’t overpromise anything. He told us there would probably be a 30% improvement. So, I had the confidence that I was in good hands.”

Talking about her excitement and going through with the surgery, Bronwyn shares that she didn’t really feel nervous or have sleepless nights. “I think my husband was more nervous than I was”

“The surgery itself was fabulous. They did my surgery at the hospital and the staff there were lovely as well. I woke up after the surgery with no pain. Dr. Soma came in to see me shortly after and there were no complications,” Bronwyn explains.

When asked if there’s anything else she’s like to share about her recovery, she laughs. “I got out of the hospital the next day and went straight to his clinic in the afternoon. They checked the tubes, the drainage and once they were happy with that, I finally went home. I still had meds to take, antibiotics, and painkillers. I slept quite a bit while I was recovering from surgery.

Talking about if at any point, she regretted it, “Maybe a couple of days later when I was feeling miserable. The bruising had gone down but I was still a bit swollen. But now, no. I have absolutely no regrets. I get compliments all the time. After a long day, you look in the mirror and go ‘Oh wow, that’s a huge improvement’ “.

Finally, when asked if she has any advice for others considering a facelift, Bronwyn replies,” Yeah, well, just make sure you check out your doctor. Visit them and make sure you feel comfortable with the people doing surgery. Look into it well. Just prepare yourself for the fact that you’re going to be uncomfortable for the first 7 to 10 days. Once the stitches come off you’re going to feel so much better. Just do what the doctor says and don’t worry unnecessarily about anything.”

Talking about her experience at Dr. Soma’s Clinic, Bronwyn expresses her heartfelt gratitude for Dr. Soma and the team. “Oh, we just loved the whole process. Our experience couldn’t be lovelier. We’re just absolutely grateful for the treatment we received.”

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