Rhinoplasty and Self Confidence

By Elamangai Pasupathi, BMedSc., medical writer

A restructuring of the nose is one of the popular surgeries people opt for. Even the smallest changes made to either the tip of the nose, nose bridge, or alar can completely change the face, provide balance, and increase confidence. One such patient that came to us is *Mr.X.

“From a very young age, I’ve been teased about my nose. My cousins would often laugh at my nose, calling it big. It led to me developing an inferiority complex. I had no confidence. It was when I considered getting a rhinoplasty.”

Going to a plastic surgery consultation for the first time is often nerve-wracking. When asked if he had such hesitancies or fears, Mr.X replies,” I’ve been mentally prepared for a long time. So, I wasn’t necessarily scared. My expectations coming in was for all my doubts and queries to be answered by the doctor. And the consultation definitely helped me gain more clarity on what the surgery entailed.”

Speaking about the days prior to surgery, he recalls not thinking too much of it. “I just waited for the operation. The surgery itself was good, based off the appearance of my nose. My only concern is that I need to take good care of it now. I feel like my nose has become weaker after surgery. But otherwise, my post-op recovery is going very well. Every day, I see changes to my nose as it heals from the surgery.”

When asked to elaborate on his anxiety regarding his post-op recovery and how things have changed for him, Mr.X shares,” Well, I am satisfied with the appearance of my nose now. Nothing much has changed. I am just anxious about what would happen if my nose were to collide with something. Would the bone be strong enough? What if it fractures? Those are the few worries that I have right now.”

Giving his honest opinion on whether rhinoplasty is worth it, Mr.X shares that he has mixed feelings about it. “I’d like to say that don’t undergo a rhinoplasty if you go in with the intention that it’ll make you more beautiful or handsome. Indeed, it does improve your appearance but there’s more to confidence than that. But at the end of the day, if you have an inferiority complex due to your nose’s appearance then yeah, a rhinoplasty may be able to help you gain confidence and live happily.”

When asked if the rhinoplasty had met his expectations, Mr.X responds “With regards to the surgery, I would have to say that yes, it has met my expectations. I am happy and it’s all thanks to Dr. Soma. He is a good doctor and is very professional. My only concern would be having to take care of my nose for a lifetime. If I were to answer this question in 30 or 40 years and nothing bad has happened, then yeah. I would say that a rhinoplasty is totally worth it.”

*Name has been changed to ensure the anonymity of individual

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