The Accidental Model

By Elamangai Pasupathi, BMedSc., medical writer

1st photo, with scar:
When she first came to see Dr. Soma with the stitches from another hospital, she was septic with the forehead full of infected blood clots.

2nd photo, one month after surgery:
Removal of blood clots and abscess, repair of muscle and plastic surgery on the skin.

(Posted with patient’s permission)

Contrary to the headline, Gabrielle Boudville is not, in fact, an accidental model. She’s a professional model who had just happened to have met with an accident that brought her to Dr. Soma’s clinic. Apart from a career in modelling, Gabrielle is also a real estate negotiator and professional photographer with her own studio in Kuala Lumpur, the latter being a passion turned profession.

During her time as a model and fashion design student in London, Gabrielle had spent a significant amount of time traveling the world. It was then she got into photography. She spent her time travelling to learn more about the different lifestyles and cultures around the world. Through this, she realized that every individual, irrespective of their backgrounds, had their own meaningful story to tell. This realization is what led her passion in photography to becoming her profession.

The motor vehicle accident that resulted in a gash on her forehead occurred when she was driving back from a trip at night. Gabrielle was on a dark road with no lines or road signs. Due to the limited visibility, she crashed into a drain at a 90 degree turn. She sustained multiple injuries and had sought treatment at a nearby hospital.

3-4 days after the accident, she realized that her wound on her forehead was not healing well. It was then she had come in to see Dr. Soma. Upon assessment, Dr. Soma found that the wound was infected. She needed to get it treated immediately. During the surgery, apart from cleaning the wound and treating the infection, Dr. Soma also stitched her forehead muscles back together.

Some of her concerns during the first visit were that there’ll be a dent in her forehead and that she would be unable to move her eyebrows the same way again.  Dr. Soma promptly addressed her concerns. During one of her follow ups, when he confirmed that her wound healing was progressing well, she was prescribed with Scar Repairex Ultra to ensure her there wouldn’t be any scarring. Gabrielle expressed content with the treatment provided by Dr. Soma and affirmed that the treatment had met her expectations.

Gabrielle’s recovery has progressed really well. Her scar has almost healed, and she has gained back mobility of her forehead muscles. She’s now back to work as per usual.

You can check out her diverse portfolio of amazing photography work on her website

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