When the breasts get in the way – A breast reduction story

By Elamangai Pasupathi, BMedSc., medical writer

We often get many inquiries about breast reduction and lifts. Most often than not, they come in with issues like chronic back pain and self-esteem issues, hoping that surgery would alleviate some of the stress that they’re experiencing. One such patient is Ms. Z.

We asked Ms. Z her reasons for considering a breast reduction She shared with us that she has always felt that they were too big for her frame and that she was often uncomfortable. “I often had back and shoulder pain. It also made it difficult for me during sports, which I often practice as I would always be self-conscious about my body.

“Prior to the consultation, I was nervous but I knew my mind was fixed.” Ms Z explained. “I asked the doctor many questions which he answered with confidence.”

When asked about her preparation before surgery, she shares that it was mostly just mental and emotional preparation. “The surgery itself went very well. The stitches were done very well and I’m happy with the size of my breasts now. Even the post-op recovery when smoothly and I didn’t need much help moving around. I just needed some help with the wound dressing which my mom and sister helped with. I mostly just rested a lot. There was a slight gap in the surgical wound of my right breast but with the right medication, it healed well.”

When asked about how things have changes, Ms Z shares that she is more confident in clothes and far more comfortable during sport activities. When asked if she had any advice for others considering the same surgery, she says, “You need to self-evaluate well and identify the reasons why you want to have the surgery before making any major decision.”. She also shares that the surgery has definitely met her expectations.

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